Come and Try It Again!
From 3:30pm - 7:00pm at the HHSS Athletic Complex,
join us for our Try It! Fair on May 4th, 2018.
Learn skills from others in the community and discover volunteer opportunities. From fly tying to videography, locksmithing to circuitry, there's something for everyone.

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HCPL's Book of the Month - April

Gone to Pot by Jennifer Craig

A flat broke grandma puts her green thumb to good – if not quite legal – use.

Breaking bad? Try breaking into the job market when you’re past a certain age. Jess, single and proud of her independence, finds that her options are limited when she loses her job and most of her investments on the same day.

Jess’ search for a new income leads her to the world of growing weed, a journey that comes with some surprising revelations – about herself, the people she comes to know through her new enterprise, and the people she thought she knew all along. Not to mention her own talent at growing her “special” plants…

Gone to Pot by Jennfier Craig is one of this year's Evergreen Award titles. Read one or more and vote for your favourite in September.



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